Six Programs

HorseBuddies Family Play Dates: Teaching a horse to do tricks in response to a one syllable command can encourage a reluctant person to speak.  

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1. HorseBuddies Family Play Dates

These family play dates are specific to families of children/adults on the Autism spectrum and neurodevelopmental disorders that affects emotionlearning ability and memory such as—Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, motor disorders including Tourette syndrome, Traumatic Brain injury (including cerebral palsy), communication, speech and language disorders, fragile-X syndrome, down syndrome, and ADHD. 

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Neurodevelopmental disorders may have significant mental, emotional, and physical consequences for individuals, and in turn their families. Therefore, the program is inclusive of the whole family as circumstances, and volunteer coverage allow. There are a wide variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. For the child with special needs this experience is primarily about COMMUNICATION, opening up to the world around them in a safe environment, and learning how to transition between activities. Horses can carry a person into an environment where information can be received and the child's intellect can surface. These Play Dates utilize volunteers, and an Instructor certified in the Horse Boy Method ™. See photo album.


2. Horse Boy Learning Mentor


PATH International programs

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3. Therapeutic Riding  

At HorseBuds TRC, therapeutic riding is offered in a stress-free farm environment. Classes are taught by a PATH Intl. Registered Riding instructor that uses riding and other equestrian activities, farm animals and fun to benefit the bodies, minds and spirits of people with disabilities and their families. Enhanced muscle tone, and increased strength and balance are just some of the benefits enjoyed by participants of therapeutic riding. 

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4. Wild about Horses 

In this Equine Facilitated Learning program riders will explore communication, taking risks, and conquering their fears through knowledge and preparation. They will learn horsemanship from the ground to the saddle, and also, groom and tack up their horses. Responsibility, team-work, and the concepts of establishing trust and respect with the animals and people will be taught while learning about the emotional and physical needs of animals. Behavioral and anxiety problems take on new perspectives as the focus is with the animal and the participant relationship. Some of the diagnosed disabilities addressed are PTSD, ODD, ADD, ADHD. This program is conducted by a PATH Intl. ESMHL (Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning) and this certification enables a Colorado Licensed Psychotherapist or Mental Health Professional to work in these sessions. The ESMHL instructor is trained to provide a safe environment for this type of therapy to thrive and to collaborate with the mental health professional with lesson plans and professionally handle therapeutic moments.

5. Wild About Veterans

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An Equine Experiential Learning program conducted by a PATH Intl. registered instructor with a ESMHL certification. (Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning is a specialty that enables an instructor to work alongside a Psychotherapist, specializing in PTSD and Trauma that is licensed by the State of Colorado.) Riders will have a safe environment to explore the world of horses and the challenges and joys that animals bring to our lives. Whether you have a physical disability or have experienced trauma and have been dealing with PTSD, the program will be tailored to meet your needs with no pressure to ride unless you are ready. We at HorseBuds TRC appreciate your service to our country and want to offer you a stress-free environment in which to explore your horsemanship potential.

6. Riding through Grief 

Riding Through Grief 2016, Greeley Colorado

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"Riding Through Grief” is a program specifically for children between the ages of 6 to 17 who are working through grief and loss. It is a time for reflection while enjoying farm animals, and experiencing time with horses or on horseback. 

For more information on events in 2017, contact Sue Sabbas, Grief Counselor at TRU Hospice of Northern Colorado, at 970-352-8487.

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