Fria, 28 year old mare (owned 27 years) RIP 4/2017.


Razor, our original barn cat (RIP 2017 age 16)

IMG 3341

Snowball, RIP 2018, age 18 years.

IMG 7408

Our Beloved Irish: After he was tamed he became the most loving cat anyone could wish for. 

IMG 3348 (1)

Sugar, Baby-Eyes, Toots, Twinkie, and Fidget have gone over the rainbow bridge, too, and for that reason we are not doing anymore program rats. Sadly,rats have a hort life span.

Betsey, 1985-2015 the original Horse Boy Horse, pictured here with Iliane Lorenz at New Trails in Texas: Betsey changed lives all over the world for families with children and adults with autism!

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