Curly horses


2012: Chamois, Bonny, Teak (lives by Yellowstone park, now), Gypsy, Thunder and Frosty moved to Florida in 2012 and returned (due to allergies) in 2017.

IMG 1692

2018: Eight curly horses—Chamois, Frosty, Gypsy, Cody, Gracie, Bonny (missing are Curly and Thunder). Horsemanship Clinic with Juilie Lorton on Gracie.


Bonny Lass (left), looks like a pack-horse—led by Juilie Lorton (Vice President of the Board)

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Chris and Deb Michael are owners of Coyote Run Farm care for the animals and the facility. HorseBuds uses the farm to offer a stress-free environment for those who participate in Sensory and Equine Assisted activities.

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