Horse Boy Programs

Sensory and equine assisted activities are conducted by a Movement Method Mentor and a Horse Boy Method Practitioner.

Sensory Saturdays

These family play dates are specific to families of children/adults on the Autism spectrum and/or other neurodevelopmental special needs. Classes are inclusive of the entire family as volunteer coverages allows. These classes follow the Movement Method which is the non-riding Horse Boy method that can be utilized at home, at school, and anywhere kids gather to learn and have new expereiences. 

Sensory activities are fun and encourage children to explore using intrinsic motivation. This experience is primarily about opening up to the world around them in a safe environment, gaining confidence and knowledege, trying new sensory activities and transitioning between activities. Sensory play and movement is beneficial for children because It helps to build neuroplasticity in the brain and boosts the development of motor skills. Click here for The Science behind the Movement Method.

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