Curly grows a mane overnight!

IMG 3623

Curly December 2012


Curly September 2013 His tail has balded his "bottom."

And now… Curly...Halloween Night 2013……..

Inspiration by Dee Cooley and BOO! Y'ALL! A word from Curly to Miss Chamois pictured above with her perfect curls: "Guys look good in curls too! Just you wait until I grow some real ones!" 

Curly is an extreme Curly with a bald tail and practically non-existent mane. To find out about these unique Curly horses check out this link.

Scroll down to see a picture of an extreme Curly. I found this pic on the web. 

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(Below: This is not our horse)

Exteme Curly horses come in many varieties!

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