Goat Habitat


Here we've build a shelter within a shelter to prepare for wintering the goats and pigs. The goats are 9 month old Nubians and Nubian/crosses. They do live with pigs (9 month and a 5 months). Chris and I have done some research and found that a low-roof, draft-free shelter is best. Also, if you do not clean out the manure in the shelter, but instead keep adding straw or hay to it for the winter then the manure composts underneath acting like a heater for the animals. In the spring, it's time to clean it out. We are going to put heavy strips of plastic over the door so that they can cuddle up and truly be draft-free. Chris is going to build a ramp so that the goats can get up on top of the shelter too. They will have to walk outside to the heated water troughs, and my vet said that would be fine. We are looking for large wire spools for the corral so they can jump and lie on them. Of course, the goats and the pigs take a walk with me down to the arena to forage several times a week. Good for the morale! Even mine!! Ha Ha!

I'm new to the goat world and pig world so any hints on caring for them would be always appreciated. 


Animals communicate with each other as people do, but with a more primitive vocabulary! Better communication with people is a goal of mine, but sometimes people don't hear what is said, don't care what is said, or think you said the opposite of what you actually said. I'm not sure if it's because some people have lost the ability to be good listeners, or that people have become self-consummed, or only hear what they want to hear. With a more sophisticated vocabulary there comes an easier chance for misunderstanding.

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